11-Day Water Prayer

Stand with the Sacred Waters

DAY 1: Opening Ceremony

By Patricia Pattinama  ~ Shabad Deep Mata Aiir & Joy Moon.

From Es Vedra Ibiza, Spain.

Beloved sisters and brothers,

We welcome you to meet the water where she is most pure, where she first leaves the Earth. Here at the Sacred water spring her energy is as gentle and precious as a new born baby. It was our intention to honor her in a most gentle and sacred way.

We hope you enjoy. Much Love!

Help us to protect the sacred waters

With the Spirious crowdfunding we aim to give back the Sacred lands of the Zaku Tenari Mountain in the Sierra Nevada, to the indigenous tribes.

These lands of 100 hectares contain a multitude of sacred water springs that are most important for all of life on Earth. And they are being threatened by goldmining.

Help us to buy the land!
Donate to protect the indigenous

Stand with the Sacred Waters

Created by:

Aluna Omnium of Spirious. Fee Flow Sierra Nevada Colombia & Patricia Pattinama World Water Tribe / Water Sisters United

World water tribe
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