The Gift of Water Blessing

Giving your gratitude and blessings to the Water is a very powerful act. By doing this ritual you re-connect to Life consciously and you bless ALL life as a result.

Strengthen your connection to the Water, Mother Earth and the Divine is important for us in times of chaos. It grounds us and brings us back in to what is important now. When doing water ceremony we do all of that AND more..
The water is calling you to connect with her in a deeper way.
Remembering water is the Source of All Life. Remembering YOUR own essence.


Workshop Water Blessing Coming up

Learn the gift of Water Blessing! To restore balance in your own life.

For yourself as an inner peace practice, for your family, your community, your world!

Coming Dates 2024:

The Intentions of our prayers


My Oceanic Alifiru Ancestors gave me the gift of Water Blessing. 

I am happy to share it with you, to create a stable and balanced life and make Earth a better place  for us all to live in.


The water has the power to hold your intentions and prayers. 

By singing and praying with the water, our prayers are being spread across the globe.

As we pray, we connect with the Divine Feminine energy, raising the frequency, to bring back balance on Earth and within.

Doing this together in large numbers, we create a highly vibrational field of purification and unity. What an amazing effect this has on the Earth!

Let us stand up for the Sacred Waters together!


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