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March 11 - 21

10-Day Prayer for the Divine Feminine

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Today's Prayers

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15.00 / 3 PM CET: Closing – Womb Water Ceremony

By Patricia Pattinama – Shabad Deep Mata Aiir, Wanda Tutuarima & Annamaria Bongers (Landgoed De Bevermeer, Netherlands)

For 10 Days all of us together, we have prayed together with the Women of the Sierra Nevada Colombia. While they where doing their Sacred Walk for the Divine Feminine, for Balance on Earth.

We have been with them on their journey. Together we have been weaving this powerful web of light for the New Earth.

Today at the Equinox we start a new. New Beginnings are here… Join us for the Online Equinox Closing Ceremony at the Sacred Sister Space at Landgoed de Bevermeer.

Honoring our Sacred Womb Waters, to close this 10-Day Prayer. With Wanda Schaufele, Anna Maria Bongers and Patricia Pattinama. All of us feeling so blessed to experience this journey with all of you. Thank you all from our hearts for your beautiful prayers and expressions of the Divine Feminine within.  Love, Patricia, Moon and Fee

Previous Prayers

Thursday March 11

10AM: OPENING PRAYER & Water Ceremony

By Patricia Pattinama (Shabad Deep Mata Aiir) Netherlands
Welcome to 10-Days of Prayer for the Divine Feminine!

7 PM: Video Sierra Nevada territory part 1.

Fee Flow & Aty Zareneyka (Arahuaca woman) from Colombia

7 PM: A message from the Sierra Nevada

Beautiful family,  We are grateful to Connect with you from the Sierra Nevada Colombia and Zaku Ye territory. The mamos and sagas see the mother Earth as a body, where the área of the heart is in the Sierra Nevada. The Rivers are the veins. The heart energy of the mother can be fully awakened now, living our personal processes and healing. Our Waters are connecting and flowing more and more together from the crystal clear wáter.  Ati zaraneyku is the Arhuaca woman speaking in the vídeo, she share the message that they are starting the Sacred Walk, to give payments to the mother Earth and to activate with different tribes the Sacred Places in the black line. Especially focussed in territory Zaku Tenari, that represents the territory of the Communication of the Mother. This activación will be felt in all our Hearts and spirits, so lets all connect in prayer, ceremony and meditacion. A walk for the New Humanity.   We are wáter. We are one.  Sommos agua. Sommos uno.

Friday March 12 (CET)


By Marieke Akgül (Netherlands)

7 PM: Prayer

By Francisca Zee (Netherlands)

Saturday March 13 (CET)


By Dieke Dee (Netherlands)


By Aurora Anne Eggens, Esther Sarava & Gaby Timmerman (Netherlands)

Sunday March 14 (CET)


By Ariëtte Loeffen-in Het Veld

7 PM: Prayer

By Marrejan Oepkes (Ibiza)

Monday March 15 (CET)


By Sifra Nooter and the moonwomen (full video coming soon)

7 PM: Prayer

By Yvon/Aset Taken at the river Nile (Luxor Egypte)

Tuesday March 16 (CET)


By Agnes Eising (Netherlands)

7 PM: Dance Prayer for the Water

By Annelies Verseveld (Netherlands)

Wednesday March 17

10AM: Meditation for the Water

By Corien van Vliet (Netherlands)

11 AM: Sacred Cleansing Prayer

By Solange (Bali)

7 PM: Water Prayer

Ankhana Sofia (Ibiza)

Thursday March 18

10AM: Meditation for the Water

By Joy Moon & Nuria (Ibiza)

7 PM: Water Prayer

By Djoeke Huijtker (Netherlands)

Friday March 19

10AM: Prayer for the Water

 By Kiki Meyer & Jolanda Klaasen (Netherlands)

12 AM: Water Prayer

By Aviana & Guusje (Netherlands)

7 PM: Water Prayer

By Andreanne Khushi Laframboise (Canada)

Saturday March 20

10AM: Prayer for the Water

 By Sanne van den Bergh (Netherlands)

7 PM: Water Prayer

By Fee Flow (Sierra Nevada Colombia)…message for email list only

Sacred Walk

9 PM: Water Prayer

By Moon Aluna Omnium (Portugal)

"Today they need your Support and recognition"

Prayer Schedule (CET)

The link to the video or event will be posted on this page daily.
Thursday 11/03
10 am: Patricia Pattinama (Netherlands) – Opening Prayer
7 pm: Fee Flow and Aty Zareneyka – Arhuaca Woman (Colombia)
Friday 12/03
10 am: Marieke Akgül (Netherlands)
7 pm: Francisca Zee (Netherlands)
Saturday 13/03
10 am: Dieke Dee (Netherlands)

7 pm: Aurora Anne Eggens, Esther Sarava & Gaby Timmerman (Netherlands)

Sunday 14/03

10 am: Ariëtte Loeffen-in Het Veld (Netherlands)

7 pm: Marrejan Oepkes (Ibiza)
Monday 15/03
10 am: Sifra Nooter & The Moonwomen (Netherlands)
7 pm: Reggie RiverBear (Netherlands)
Tuesday 16/03
10 am: Agnes Eising (Netherlands)
7 pm: Annelies Verseveld (Netherlands)

Wednesday 17/03

10 am: Corien van Vliet (Netherlands)

11 am: Solange Beaumont (Bali)
7 pm: Ankhana Sofia (Ibiza)
Thursday 18/03
10 am: Joy Moon Siegmund (Ibiza)
7 pm: Djoeke Huijtker (Netherlands)
Friday 19/03
10 am: Kiki Meyer & Jolanda Klaassen (Netherlands)
12am: Aviana Carlin & Guusje (Netherlands)
7 pm: Andreanne Khushi Laframboise (Canada)
Saturday 20/03
10 am: Sanne Van Den Bergh (Netherlands)
7 pm: Fee Flow (Sierra Nevada Colombia)
Sunday 21/03 – Equinox
10 am: Patricia Pattinama, Wanda Tutuarima, AnnaMaria Bongers & .. (Netherlands) -> Equinox Water ceremony



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