Sound is Medicine

Sound Healing Singing Bowls by Patricia Pattinama

Today science is acknowledging what ancient traditions and indigenous people have stated for ages. Sound is medicine. Today it has been affirmed: sound is the Medicine of The Future.

To Medicine of Peace music and sound are medicine and sharing it is our mission:

I am fascinated by the proven effects of music and sound on health, wellbeing and personal growth.” 

“To touch your heart and to uplift, is my passion. Devotion my drive. Wherever you go, may you feel inspired and loved always.” ~ Patricia Pattinama (Shabad Deep) @ Medicine of Peace

Book a session:

Sound Therapy Session

In a private Sound Session you will be relaxing while sounds are played, attuned to your personal situation.
The Sound Session is 100% inspired by your vibration and what is needed to return to a peaceful state, releasing blocks or disharmonies.

A session can be booked at my location
or online in the comfort of your home.

Sound Therapy

1 hour session
  • Deeply release stress
  • Emotional integration
  • Personal themes
    (body, mind, emotions, spirit)

Mantra Singing Course

Open your heart, Open your voice! This course is a journey for personal growth and healing. You will be learning about the ancient and sacred sound practice of chanting and mantra singing. And how you can apply mantra to heal your life.

A practice in Self expression, Self love and living in the flow effortlessly. During this course you align yourself to your deeper truth.
Available for private sessions. Online or at location (Central Netherlands)

Mantra singing course private

1 hour session
  • Private sessions
  • Created to your personal needs
  • Deep release of blocks

Sound Blessing Ceremony
or Water Ceremony

This blessing of sound is in place whenever there is reason for celebration. Traditionally it's offered when we have a birthday, during a pregnancy, after giving birth a wedding or when sickness is in play.

During this ceremony the blessing of the sound is made as an audible prayer for wellbeing. The Water Ceremony is exceptionally suited for blessing, clearing, cleansing and aligning to the divine mother.

Personal Sound Blessing

1 hour session
  • Personal Sound transmission
  • Sacred Space aligned to your needs
  • Raising frequency

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