Masterclass: The Wisdom & Practice of Water Blessing


In this workshop you will be initiated in the wisdom of the water.
You will learn how to:
  • Set up your own personal water blessing practice
  • Honor and bless the water in an effective way.
  • Relate to the water in it’s many forms
  • Ground yourself with Mother Earth
  • Create a sacred space and connect to the spirit realms.
  • You will learn sacred water chants
  • You will learn about the many qualities of water both in matter as in spirit.
  • You will discover how the water relates to the Divine Mother.
What: 2,5 hour masterclass
Where: online streaming
Language: English
NEXT CLASS: Wednesday July 7 /8PM CET (Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris timezone)
In this Masterclass we will dive deep into The Wisdom & Practice of Water Blessing.
This blessing practice a sacred practice that answers the calling of your soul.  It is a beautiful way to re-align with the divine feminine, Cleanse yourself on all layers and renew your life-force.  It it is important to strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and to the Divine, especially in times of chaos. Water Blessing supports your alignment.
A practice that has been done by our ancestors up into the beginning of time. As people then Knew and Acknowledged the Sacredness of Water. And the Meaning of Water Blessing for the Balance of Life on Earth.
The Water Ceremony cleanses you from all that is no longer needed and help to feel connected to the flow of life. Water Blessing is pretty much a hidden ancient practice, our ancestors and lineages have done for centuries. 
I have decided to share the wisdom and knowledge with you that came to me in my journey, especially in these highly challenging times.
Because water is a medicine. It can instill peace in you. And it can bring about transformation in a gentle way.
The Spirit of Water has it’s own language and wisdom.
And when you know how to speak and relate to the water, it can change your life and all of life everywhere.


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