Sound Therapy Session + Audiotrack


Raise your frequency & feel connected.

During your Light language & Soundcurrent session Patricia sings and speaks to you in light language. You receive an activation with the light and sound encodings you need for your highest well-being in that moment. For your connection with source.

-> A recording is made of your light language session. Listening to this daily allows you to vibrate Listen daily and raise your frequency and reconnect to source.

-> This session can be done via online video call or remotely (without the need for me to see you live).

-> Sessions in Dutch or English

Book your session here. I will contact you afterwards to find a date and time for your session.


Raise your frequency with your personal Sound therapy session for your wellbeing and personal needs. You will receive a personally channeled song and receive an MP3 Audio track to listen to your pesonal healing after the session.

The feeling of belonging and being welcome, isn’t that what you long for?
You live in a physical body, but your soul longs for connection to home. But, what is that feeling of home? Receive a healing for your personal needs in the current moment.

Benefits of a session:

  • Deep relaxation for body and mind.
  • Raise your frequency
  • Get into the flow state
  • Daily alignment with the MP3 recording
  • Open the heart
  • Feeling of connection and joy
  • Increase in heart-brain coherence
  • Coming home to the essence of who you really are
  • Opening yourself to self-love (essential for people who love to give)
  • Connecting with your soul destiny
  • Refining your alignment with source
  • Can help you rediscover your destiny in life
  • Can help you release old programs.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to vibrate higher daily:
For anyone who needs connection.
Who needs to recharge and relax.
For all people who love to give and help. For people who are learning to receive.
For a deepening, meditative and spiritual experience of who you are.
Wanting to remember who he/she is in essence.
To align with his/her destiny or life mission.
For who desires to come home to the higher frequency of who you are.

What is light language?
Light language are very high frequency sounds that contain light encodings from the source.
It is a language that cannot be understood by the human brain.
Which is received with heart and soul to reconnect you with source, In the body these sounds work together with your water, where water crystals are formed to raise your frequency.
By listening daily, you are brought back into alignment with the origin of existence.

nb. Consider the books: Keys of Enoch and The knowledgebook. You read the light language encodings, your higher self understands everything it says but your lower self cannot explain it in earthly words.

What is a Light language & Soundcurrent session?

Your personal light language is sung and spoken by Patricia Pattinama.
You receive a series of highly refined sounds that are attuned to your being: your feelings, your heart and your soul. With her refined voice, she creates angelic sounds, raises the frequency and communicates with your body water. With the goal of bringing you into alignment with source.

To help you remember, To recharge you.
To bring you into alignment with your authentic life path.
To give you exactly what you need in this moment.

Receive a recording with your personal light language session

What can you expect?
A session up to an hour. Depending on what’s needed.

  • With a short intake in which you share about your situation and what you need.
  • A short meditation to attune yourself to receive the high frequencies of the light language.
  • A light language session tailored to your need, situation and highest well-being.
  • Afterwards you will receive an audio recording of the light language session to listen to daily.

Over time the sounds have done their work and you feel that it is no longer necessary to listen to them daily. It may then be beneficial to listen once a week.
You can also request a new Sound- Light current session to keep on working with your high frequency alignment: for your highest atunement.

Light language & Soundcurrent session including MP3 with personal Light language encodings
Price: 150 euro
Includes mp3 audio track.

Special offer for lowest incomes:
Refer someone for a fully paid light language session and receive a discount for your session.
Contact me for more information.




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