Angelic Voice Sound Therapy

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The sounds used in this session have highly subtle frequencies, working on your physical body, emotional and mental energy field. It’s effect is soothing for the heart, the soul and it calms down the mind. 

The angelic sounds, the harmonic dance of the Tibetan bowls, the high pitch of the crystal bowls, the rattles and chimes, the guitar, the deep sounds of the drum all work together creating a magical atmosphere for you to travel into a deep space of relaxation, transformation and rebalancing.

Sometimes sounds can seem amazingly beautiful, but sometimes feel uneasy. This is part of the therapy session and it may support in clearing blocks. 

What to expect:

We will start the session off with a short intake conversation to tune into your personal situation and needs. Afterwards you can relax laying down, opening yourself up to go on a journey to experience the different sounds and their effects. Closing with a long silence for integration.


1 review for Angelic Voice Sound Therapy

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