As a musician and sacred space keeper I devote my life to bringing sounds and vibrations of love into the world. 

To create this album a lot of people are involved, who need to be paid upfront…

Please support me to fund it. By buying your copy in Pre-Sale. Or Donate…


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The Art of Living from the Heart

A new album is coming up! 

 I am so excited! This will be my first full length album with my own songs. By that I mean… the ones that came through me by divine inspirations. 

Created from the awakening journey of life itself. These songs are all gems, carrying their own message, a higher vibration and wisdom from the other realms. 

For your heart to be touched… to open up more…. to heal and to remember.

 Looking forward to share the joy with you!


Patricia Pattinama

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Your support is so much appreciated!
To fund all people in advance to realize: Studio Recordings, Musicians, Video and Photoshoot and marketing costs.
To make it happen... Thank you.

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