Open your heart, heal & remember who you are:

When I see the sparkle in your eyes, I am happy.

It is my wish that you may shine your light and share your gift unconditionally. I invite you to come home to your heart and remember who you are and co-create with mother nature. May the medicine of peace that I offer be healing to your journey in life.


Angelic Voice
Sound Therapy
Light Language

Receive high frequency healing vibrations through the alchemy of sound. Revitalize your inner waters. The frequencies of light language and angelic voice, reset you to your original blueprint.
So you can heal and remember.
Bring a deep relaxation, opening the heart, and shifting you into higher consciousness.

Flow & Sacred Femininity Coaching

What does it mean to fully embody your femininity that comes with intuition, grace and flow? How can you balance the masculine and feminine in your life, without dominating your feelings and inner guidance? How do you connect to your womb and live in harmony with the waters of life? Let me guide you into a more gentle approach to life .

Open Your Voice Vocal Coaching

To open the voice, is the free your soul. Helping you to express what's in your heart and stand up to be your authentic self. Guiding you to connect to your inner being, and open yourself with selflove, Opening the voice to express yourself and your truth with confidence. Join me in a coaching session or online training with mantra's, sound and easy to sing medicine songs.

Thank you!

I WOKE UP WITH GRATITUDE & MANTRA ON MY MIND ❤  Thank you dear Patricia Pattinama for the beautifyl mantra singing nights, your guidance, your graceful energy and angelic voice.  🎶

 Natasja Supusepa

My Sound Healing session with Patricia was truly an amazing experience.
It was much more diverse then I had expected. Patricia gives you time to get settled and feel at ease ….and then it starts. The opening tone sounded direct and very personal, that was the case for the rest of the session. Patricia combines all her talents and experience to tell you a story about yourself. In my case it was a story in which I felt acknowledged. Also it became clear to me what it is that I need in my life. The words of her improvised song touched me deeply. The shamanic elements of the treatment felt harmonizing to my body, they came across as very pure.
Gentle fireworks in my body
What touched me most is Patricia’s voice. The effect was like lighting fireworks in my body in a gentle and cautious way (haha). 
Her voice is many times more powerful then any sound bowl I have ever heard in my life. It is funny to realize that the pervasive quality of her voice was independent of musical preference.
Patricia’s Sound Sessions are Highly Recommended. And if you choose to have a session, I hope you are able to open yourself and surrender, so you can have an amazing experience. you are open to surrender. 
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Arrive at your loving self Intuition and reason go hand and hand with Patricia. With empathy she senses people's processes and with wisdom she provides opportunities to arrive at a healthy and loving self. Thank you very much for your guidance!!!

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Svenna Gernand
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