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Water ceremony is the medicine we need

I truly believe the practice and wisdom of water ceremony is the medicine that we all need at this point. Especially in these changing and challenging times, it is so very Important to connect to our essence and recharge ourselves. Building a relationship with the water is the way to calm down and nourish ourselves, to find balance. Water Ceremony strengthens our connection to ourself as we are more than 70% water. As we do Water Ceremony we tend to see the bigger picture,  helping us to relate better to life, to the Earth and to the Divine.

Answering the needs of your soul

Your soul is calling out to you whenever you feel tired all the time, unexplainably sad or depressed, angry for no apparent reason. If you feel the desire to answer the calling of your Soul. The water ceremony is a sacred practice that answers your needs. It is a beautiful way to re-align with the divine feminine, honor your soul and renew your life-force. The water ceremony cleanses you from all that is no longer needed and help to feel connected to the flow of life.


Water Ceremony is the medicine we need

Water Ceremony is the medicine we need. In this modern world we grew up in, we didn’t learn how to do all of this.
This high speed world keeps on moving forward, with all of it’s distractions.
Keeping us from connecting to our inner Being, our connection to Spirit and our Calling.
And as a result we feel confused, tired, depressed, lonely, unworthy, and in doubt of our purpose.

Water ceremony and the awakening of the feminine divine

On a deeper level, relating to the Water helps us to awaken the inner feminine divine in us. It is a collective remembering. The more of us start to remember, the collective consciousness awakens and the ancient wisdom reveals itself, creating change.

Uplifting your life through Water ceremony

By embracing the practice of water ceremony we start awakening a side the has been dormant within us.

Doing water ceremony will uplift us in so many ways

  • Slow down and be in the now
  • Nourish yourself spiritually by realigning to your soul’s intentions.
  • Cleanse your energy and life
  • Align with the essence of your being
  • Renew yourself by sparking your life energy
  • Invite inner peace in your life
  • Align yourself with the energy of the Divine Mother
  • Strengthen your relationship with your ancestors
  • Create a meaningful connection with your spirit guides.
  • Deepen your connection with the Divine Mother
  • Reinforce you connection with Mother Earth
  • Unite with the divine spirits of the water, air, fire, earth element, land, trees and plants, mountains, animals and the moon.

And also:

  • Invite joy into your life
  • Establish trust in life
  • Create prosperity in your life
  • Seeing the bigger scheme of things
  • and more…

My story with the water

It was several years ago, that my ancestors came to me in a vision, telling me to start doing water ceremony. I said: “What is it….what should I do?”.  They answered: “Just do it, you’ll figure it out.”

At that point Water ceremony wasn’t known at all, there was close to nothing on the internet. So I started my journey. The first thing that happened was: it immediately restored my connection to my indigenous Alifuru Roots. It was like turning on the light switch.
Second: I was amazed to discover I just KNEW how it all worked. It felt like a dormant part inside me was activated.
I was remembering from deep within my blood and bones, this ancient knowledge given to me by my ancestors.

I started to connect with the water spirit. And organizing ceremonies in the years to follow. I led many ceremonies combining my experience and knowledge on prayer, mantra and medicine songs. The more I connected with the water bodies, the more the spirit of the water communicated with me bestowing her wisdom.

Awakening with Divine Mother

It turned out to be an awakening path with the Divine Mother as the water leads back to the source of all things. Doing water ceremony turned out to have a purpose far greater than I ever realized. It is done for ourselves,  the Earth, and has an effect on the collective. Awakening the divine feminine essence. I felt so much joy and gratitude, introducing people to the spirit of the living water, her qualities and healing aspects.

The water taught me so much about living in the flow, balance, cleansing, embodiment, dealing with emotions, in depth healing, surrender and so much more. I feel humble to have received a deep wisdom of the water from connecting with the water spirit and honoring her essence in ceremony in those years. You see the spirit of water is very grateful for your acknowledgement and prayers.

Hearing the message of water

Water has a message for the world and Water Ceremony is the vehicle. Water is related to the divine mother and has many qualities both in matter as in spirit. We can work with her in our daily life by practicing ceremony an building a relationship with her.

So yes, Water Ceremony is the medicine we need. It can instill peace in you and it can bring about transformation in a gentle way.
It has it’s own language and wisdom. And when you know how to speak and relate to the water, it can change your life and all of life everywhere.
Step back into your own power and remember your true feminine essence + realize the powerful being you truly are.
It can teach you how to be be both powerful and gentle in your presence.
The Water ceremony can be done by both men and women. Women have a strong relationship with the water due to their wombs and connection to life.
If you wish to learn how to do Water Ceremony:
Check it out here:
May you go with the flow joyfully in life,

💗 By Patricia Pattinama ~

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