The fire of transformation

The fire of transformation

🔥 The Fire Energy is showing itself to us now. In us and around is, the fire of transformation is raging.

The raging fire of transformation

Impatience, anger, fear, heated discussions… passion
There is a lot of fire in the energy right now. The energy of fire is raging through the collective.
We can see it showing up in all the different ways…
This is intense, but not necessarily a bad thing. It asks us to acknowledge it. Instead of fearing it.

Discharge like a volcano

A bit like a volcano, this fire of transformation expresses itself. The energy building up. Suppressed energy comes up…..discharging….all that has been building up in the pressure cooker for a long time.
And Now it is ready to come up to the surface.
Anger, strongly charged words, a passionate expression….
Releasing and relieving…..but coming up strong!

People don’t feel comfortable around such high pressure
We can be afraid of the strong energy of the fire.
As it has the power to eliminate….and it can spin easily out of control if you don’t know how to contain it.

Dealing with the Sacred inner fire

The Key of dealing with the fire of transformation is containing it without suppressing it.
The fire within us needs space to express itself safely, without being judged and punished, or extinguished for its fierceness.

The sacred inner fire that we all have inside, is the inner life energy of creation. A creative energy. Sustaining and supporting,
It is also expressed as passion. It can express itself in a creative way, a sexual/physical way and a devotional way.

When it is time to fire will move on. Able to eradicate and release, let go.
When we don’t know how to channel the fire energy in a healthy way, it get’s out of sink ….and spins out of control.
As we are witnessing in the world right now.

The sacred Balance of Life

Our sacred inner fire has been suppressed for far too long.

The chaos we created as a humanity:
By losing track of the sacred balance of life. The balance that the ancient people of the Earth, the indigenous tribes still foster.

We have not been listening to the signals inside and outside….
The Fire Energy is showing itself to us now. In us and around is.
It asks us to acknowledge it. Instead of fearing it.

Fire is showing us ways to embrace the fire we have within, without judging it’s qualities and abilities to destroy and be strong.

Fire is just a natural force of life. One of the 5 sacred elements that has it’s own place in the natural order of all things on Earth.

This sacred fire needs to burn to experience balance….for things not to get out of hand.

Find a way to channel this energy in Healthy ways….

It’s a good idea to move, dance, sing, run, pray….create art. Be passionate and allow it, express it.

…nourish yourself with calming water energy. Singing water songs. Cleanse yourself, take a bath.

Eat food that cools you down, like cucumber, yoghurt
And drink lots of water.

Be gentle with yourself.

❤️ Patricia Pattinama
~ Shabad Deep Mata Aiir

Image of Pele Volcano Goddess by Carl Goveia


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