Spirit of Sound

Spirit of Sound Event

Sound Relaxation Concert
with Angelic Voice, Singing Bowls and Gong.

Relaxing to the essence of who you are. A relief for body, mind, heart and soul.

A mystical concert by Vir and Shabad Deep. Playing the Gong will reset your system, cleansing all the bodies cells, removing tension and trauma.

The crystal bowls and angelic voice will open the heart and align you to the higher vibrations of harmony and balance.

” Pure sound, played with pure intentions, will align you to your essence of being.

Next concert

Date: to be announced

Time: to be announced

Location: to be announced

Price: to be announced

This session you will be lying down on a yoga matt with a blanket. 

I you like, you can bring your own blanket, sheepskin or pillow.

A bottle of water is optional, it’s always good to drink plenty.

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