Sound Healing Singing Bowls by Patricia Pattinama

Angelic Sound Healing Sessions @ Mahara | June 12th

Wednesday is Sound Healing Day!
You are invited to come in for a personal session with the ancient healing tool of Sound. Patricia will treat you to an Angelic Voice Healing Session.

– A channeling session with her Clear Angelic Voice (for you personally)
– Crystal Singing Bowls
– Tibetan Bowls
– Chimes
– Heart Songs and chants with guitar
– Shamanic healing elements

Patricia creates a gentle and nurturing space. For you to feel welcome and to be able te receive.
Singing with a bright and crystal clear voice, the sounds carry deep into your cells and all systems.
With her deep intuitive channeling abilities, she is able to guide you to your essence.

Harmonic sounds and frequencies are powerful and transforming.
When played with pure intention & deep love.
When received with an open heart and mind.
It can Re-Balance your body, heart, mind and soul.
Take you into a deep state of relaxation and healing.

About Patricia Pattinama
“Let me touch your heart with the healing energies of angelic voice and heartfelt sounds.
Guiding you into a timeless space of gentleness and harmony.
Relax deeply, Re-Balance and remember who you are.”

Patricia Pattinama
Patricia (Shabad Deep) walks the path of healing through sound.
She is a devotional singer, songwriter, a multi-dimensional sound healer, mantra singing teacher and sacred song keeper.
Guiding people to become their most inspiring self through the power of their voice.
She is on a mission for peace, to re-connect people to their authentic nature.
Patricia’s angelic, crystalline voice relaxes and soothes.

Woensdag 12th of June 2017
12.00 – 17.00 PM

The Yurt @ Mahara

Book your 30 minute session @ Mahara.

Special Offer!
Sliding Scale Contribution: 20 – 40 euro (look into your heart, feel what it’s worth to you)
(Regular Sessions start at 75,- an hour)


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