Patricia Pattinama

Growing up in a musical family Patricia (Shabad Deep Kaur) was introduced to the path of sound early on in life, leading her to sing, and compose at a young age. She combines her lifelong singing experience with empowering teachings for personal growth and a peaceful way of living.

A Natural way of living is important to her. Being challenged by life, Patricia developed a peaceful lifestyle aiding her to live in a natural flow. Living from the heart and with a balanced mind. The result of years of teaching and educations in personal development, vocal training and ancient sound technology, breathing technologies, meditation and yoga.

The name Shabad Deep Kaur was given to her on her journey of becoming a yoga teacher. It means, the Soundcurrent that brings light. It is said wearing such a name, will empower one on their life’s mission. A path she is walking gratefully.

She is a devotional singer and songwriter with a crystalline voice. Her eagerness to understand the mysteries of sound has turned her into a skilled sound healer, singing teacher and a sacred song keeper.

Guiding people to become their most inspiring self through the power of their voice brings her great joy. She is on a mission for peace, to help people re-connect to and express their authentic nature.


She composes her own songs, chants and music, guided by spirit.


Love the planet. Love

“It is truly possible to live a peaceful and heart based life in these challenging times.
If there is inner peace, there will be outer peace. A law of nature.
May there be Peace on earth.”

Patricia Pattinama ~ Shabad Deep Kaur