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Singing course online

When your Voice is free, You feel free

Singing Course Online :

Open your voice & Shine your light!

It's time to BE YOU!

Plant your Seeds of Love

Be your Authentic & Truthful Self 

Share your gift with Confidence 

And Shine your light!

Sing Yourself Free!

Unblock your Voice

Get over Insecurity & Shyness

Connect to your Intuition & Feminine essence

Immerse yourself in Selflove

Empower yourself 

to Shine your Light!

Where & When?

* Live online Masterclasses 

Starting November 2023

Tuesdays at 20.00 / 8PM CET

"Sister with a voice of an angel" - Louise

What others say

"You are a beautiful magical woman, sister with a voice of an angel. You touched my heart with your singing and your graceful presence. I love what you do, it's marvelous,"

"Patricia’s voice is what touched me most in the sound therapy session. Her voice is many times more powerful then any sound bowl I have ever heard in my life."

"Heal yourself with the sound of your voice"

What is it all about?

Opening the Voice from the inside out

During this training we open the voice from the inside out, so you can sing with ease and express your authentic self more confidently in the world. With a balanced throat centre, it becomes easier to show yourself and you’ll find yourself to be magnetic to others.

This vocal journey balances the energycentres of the body, clearing away blocks from the chakra’s from botom to top. A proven method to awaken the dorment lifeforce inside, to free yourself from stuck energy and express yourself more freely.


About Patricia

This training is based on:

  • Patricia’s Vocal course that has now successfully run 8 cycles (“Self-expression through sacred chant and sound”)
  • The course has proven itself in the last 7 years, as a process that has the ability to open the voice and remove blockages.
  • Courses will be offered Live online on Zoom.

What does it mean to find your voice


Finding your voice means to sing with joy,

 to move away from insecurity to use your voice.

It means you will be able to express yourself more freely.

Opening your voice through singing, helps you to speak up in your daily life.

Clearing the throat area opens you up to your authentic communication.

It helps you to stop hiding and speak up for what your believe in.

So you can express yourself from the inside, in allignment with who you truly are on the outside.

Freeing the voice clears the way from blocks that prevent your from shinging your light.

Giving you space to walk the Earth feeling free, empowered and full of self-esteem.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Gain more confidence in using your voice.
  • Connect more deeply with your voice.
  • Learn to embrace the sound of your own voice.
  • Express yourself more freely.
  • Extend the reach of your voice.
  • Use of the voice in a gentle way (without forcing the throat).
  • Transform insecurity to sing into ease.
  • Feel empowered to speak your truth.
  • Create positive energy and inner peace.
  • Express yourself authentically
  • Showing your true colors.
  • Experience the relaxing effect of singing.
  • Learn how it can support a deep sleep.
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The 4 pillars of this course

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Relax and balance your throat. Use your voice in an easy natural way without force. With tips and exercises for breathing and singing.

To be authentic in the outer world, it is most important to connect to the essence of your being. The singing voice is a doorway to the soul and has easy access to this place inside of you. Creating sacred space within and around you helps you to connect to your essence.

To let go of the fears and trauma’s that shaped your insecurities, we use the ancient techniques of sound to clear your subconsicous and the stuck energy in your body. If you are truly ready you are able to make a change.

Clearing the energy centers of the body methodically helps to let go of blockages. Each chakra relates to the voice in a different way. Opening the heart centre and freeing the throat area, will help you to speak up to who you are and what you believe in. Sing from your heart and Shine your light.

How will this course support you?

  • These ancient techniques contain sacred codes to open and empower your system.
  • The soundcurrent we produce with our voice communicates with your bodies chakra energy centers.
  • We work our way up to balance the centers from your roots, your creative center, your inner power center, the heart, to the throat and your center of vision.
  • Voice and breathing exercises will support you to use your voice in the right way.
  • We open the voice through your connection with your heart.
  • Possibillity to transform insecurities from past trauma’s.
  • We sound and sing easy to follow mantras and medicine songs.
  • Handouts on communication through the chakra energy centres.
  • Weekly online class of 1.5 hours. While singing, you do not hear the other participants.
  • Suggested daily singing practice of approx. 15 minutes.

About Patricia

Growing up in a musical family, Patricia was educated by her father. As she playfully began singing with his band at a young age, her singing experience and education in popular and world music now reaches over 30 years.
When she hit a burnout her life radically changed. This was her wake up call! She felt an inner calling to live her life to the fullest and sing, living her childhood dream. She started to study the science of sound and was able to retrieve her energy and zest for life.
For over 13 years she immersed herself in the healing of power of the voice. With a profound daily practice of the ancient frequencies of the soundcurrent, she started to internalize the sacred science of sound and discovered the true essence of sound and music.
Nowadays she composes her own music and offers concerts, healing ceremonies, therapeutic sound sessions and teachings about the voice to support others.

Discover the healing power of your voice!

Discovering the voice as a medicine of peace

For Patricia Music is medicine. She turned her love for singing into a healing tool as a result of her own life experiences, where she was suffering from shyness, fear of failure and deep insecurities leading her to experiencing chronic fatique, depression and feeling entirely lost.

The medicinal effect of the voice is what came to be her “thing” along with the Water Blessings and the awakening of the Sacred feminine within.  Her higher calling is peace, both inside as outside.

While going through lifes challenges, Patricia discovered the voice to be powerful beyond measure and that it has the capacity to make a change in bigger ways…


Video Mool Mantar from the Mantra Album Gratitude:

What does it sound like?

What will you get?

  • 7 weekly Live Online Master classes of 1,5 hour.
  • Every Tuesday starting in November
  • From 20.00 – 21.30 on Zoom.
  • Guided with live music working with the actual energy of the group.
  • PDF Worksheets, Lyrics and Overview of teachings.
  • Daily singing opportunity with video.
  • Weekly video replay and audio file.
  • Opportunity to get coached weekly.
  • The course will be in the English language.

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Gratitude Album mp3 Shabad Deep Kaur

Yes: I want to Sing!

Let’s Free my Voice from the blocks,
that prevent me from Shining my Light.

I want to immerse myself in a 7 week singing practice to:

The course will start in November 2023.


If the programm doesn’t live up to your expectation… Let us know before the start of the 3rd class.

You will receive a refund of the full amount.

"Singing frees me up
and opens my heart"

"Singing lessons from Patricia in Amsterdam. She herself sings so beautifully. I started chanting mantras for fun, I didn't know that singing could be so healing. Singing frees me up and opens my heart."


Frequently asked questions: click on the drop down menu for more information on each FAQ-subject.

For other questions, please email me. There are no silly questions.

The payment may be done in full before the start of the course. It is possible to pay in 2-parts, you will get an invoice for the second part at the beginning of next month.

If you aren't satisfied with the course, you can let us know by email before the start of the 3rd class and you'll get a full refund.

Yes. It's all about your own engagement and commitment to the practice and teachings.  My voice and presence will guide you through the material, the songs and practice. There is space for questions. 

Some advantages to a live class:

  • You don't have to travel.
  • You can't hear the other participants. And they can't hear your.
  • You are in the safe comfort of your own home.

There will be a replay of the course after the live class.

The course comes with an online area that provides you with:

  • The weekly replay
  • PDF Worksheets, Lyrics and Overview of teachings.
  • Daily singing opportunity with video.
  • Weekly audio file.

No, other people can't hear your and you can't hear them.

You may also choose if you wish to put on your camera or leave it off.

  1. 1 weekly class of 1,5 hour
  2. At home practice of 15 minutes everyday (optional).

There are no pre requirements, other then you like to sing.

You don't have to 'be able to sing' or have a 'nice voice'.

The course will be in the English Language.

You don't have to be spiritual or practice meditation or yoga to join this class.

  • Transform insecurity into confidence
  • Get out of your head and into the flow state
  • Heal your voice through singing
  • Love yourself exactly as you are
  • Accept your voice
  • Love singing again

"I can imagine that you would also like to sing with her!"

"I can imagine that you would also like to sing with her! She is so nicely relaxed and intuitive, enjoyable and heartful."

Are you ready...
To discover the power of your voice?

Let's Sing!

"You make singing so easy" ~ Yvonne

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