About Patricia Pattinama

Patricia Pattinama (Shabad Deep Kaur) is a singer and composer with a deep yearning to uncover the mysteries of sound. This made her to develop herself into a sound therapist, mantra teacher and a sacred song keeper.  People often mention Angelic Voice when talking of her sound, referring to the soothing effect it has on the heart.

Growing up in a musical family Patricia was introduced to the path of sound early on in life, leading her to sing, perform and compose at a young age. Later on in life she took on in interest for the in-depth qualities of sound and began to study the science of sound in the Yogic, Esoteric and Indigenous traditions. 

The path of sound is her journey of inner mastery. To Patricia music is a form of subtle communication and expression; to communicate, align and rebalance. She is on a deeply felt mission for peace and gentleness. Touching the hearts of people and seeing people get inspired to listen to their inner voice, lights her fire. 

The name Shabad Deep Kaur was given to her on her journey of becoming a Kundalini yoga teacher. It means: the sound current that brings light. It is said wearing such a name, will empower one on their life’s mission. She is an Water woman by calling and heritage. 

Patricia shares her work through Concerts and Sound Therapy sessions. She offers educational courses and workshops to share her knowledge and wisdom and leads awakening ceremonies with Cacao and Water. Patricia currently works on recording her second album.

A message and a song

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