10-Day Water Blessing

Prayer for the Divine Feminine

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11 - 21st of March

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Live prayers online everyday

Join us every day to Pray for the Water. To support the Sacred Water Pilgrimage of the Indigenous. Connecting with the Divine Feminine. Bringing balance on Earth and your own inner waters.

From March 11 to 21 (equinox) there will be 2 online water prayers everyday. Hosted by an international group of Water sisters.

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...Connecting is easy...

Join us for this chain of daily prayers. 

From your own home or a place in nature at the water. Sit peacefully and focus on your heart. Connect to the Water & the frequency of the divine feminine.

You can do this at any moment during the day. Whenever the time is right for you. As many times as you like. You can sing your favorite water song, meditate or pray.

Together we re-member and envision, our beloved New Earth.

 Join us for this chain of daily prayers.

Pray for the Sacred Water Walk

From 11 – 21st of March the indigenous Women of the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” in Colombia go on a Sacred Walk. A tradition for the purpose of inviting the Divine Feminine on Earth.

Every 4 years, many women from the 4 tribes that live in the Sierra Nevada, (Arhuacas, Wiwa, Kankuama and Kogis) get together for a pilgrimage to various sacred sites in their territories. In doing so they perform the spiritual work that will bring balance to the energies of the Earth that are related to femininity.

This year, because of the global pandemic and the increasing unbalance of nature around the world, many more women are joining this very important work for all.

Today they need your support, our recognition and our prayers. Specially from women around the world. See instructions below.

Equinox Water Ceremony 22 sept 2020

Daily Prayer Video's

Every day a video or live event will be posted by a group of Water Sisters , containing a prayer for the Water to keep space for this special event.
During these days the waterway in the Territory of Zamora, Portugal will be cleared. The land is connected with the Sierra Nevada. Daily prayers will be made by Aluna Omnium.

Together we are connecting and building the energy with all of you.

"Today they need your Support and recognition"

Prayer Schedule & Daily Prayers

To see the full prayer schedule and the Daily Prayers >>> GO HERE!

"If you feel it in your heart...donate"

Donate to the Indigenous to protect the Earth

If you feel it in your heart to Donate… You can help the Indegenous tribes to buy back their 100 acres of the lands of their birthright. Helping them to restore the imbalance on Earth. This is a crowdfunding by The Rainbow Foundation.
Donate to protect the indigenous
World water tribe

This event is initiated by Fee Flow from Sierra Nevada Colombia & Aluna Omnium with Rainbow Tribe NL. Together with Patricia Pattinama of Medicine of Peace and the Water Sisters of the World.

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