'Open your Heart,
Open your Voice
and Shine your light.
Through Music & Ceremony."

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"Be your most inspiring Self"

Support my New Album: Sacred Heart

It’s almost there: a full album with angelic medicine songs in the healing 432 hz frequency.

Thank you for helping me birth this music. 

May it be a gift to the world.

The crowdfunding ended. What an amazing ride.
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“Let’s re-connect to: our Roots, Nature, 

the wisdom of the Water and the essence that lives within.”

"Pure love is your Essence"

Planting Seeds of the Heart

About Patricia Pattinama

Sacred Heart - New Album - Patricia Pattinama

Patricia Pattinama aka Shabad Deep is a lover of life, a mother, Water woman, musician, Womens empowerment coach, Sound Therapist and Ceremony leader. She shares her wisdom and knowledge through music, coaching, healing sessions, workshops and courses.

Patricia is known for her gentle presence and an angelic, crystal clear voice, touching the heart and soul of her listeners. Inviting you into the space of love, to open up and heal.

Over a decade she has been studying with several masters of the ancient science of sound in Western, Yogic and Shamanic traditions. Growing up in a musical family the language of sound comes natural to her. Read more….

It is time to Shine your Light!

Singing Course: Open your Voice & Shine Your Light!


 It is time to stop hiding!

What would it feel like, if you could sing with ease 

and express yourself, in a confident and authentic way

It is time NOW dear one, for you to shine your light and offer your gift to the world.


Join me on a healing journey to open up to selflove and freedom of self expression.

Are your ready to open your voice?

"Connect to your inner nature"

"Open your heart. Empower your Voice"

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