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It is so important to take good care of yourself in these times! 

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In these times we are invited
to go deep within...

As we are learning to embrace the flow of our feminine side,

we are surfing the waves of duality….to shift into unity.

I am here to support you and cheer you on.


To follow your heart wildly and embrace your authentic flow.

Encouraging you to Express your Voice and Live your Truth!


Offering inspiration with music, sacred rituals, vocal practices and sound therapy.

We are all in this journey together.

May you find peace inside.



"Music is Medicine. Relax, heal and remember."

Patricia Sing your Soul Song

Online Singing Course:
Open your Voice & Sing

Do you allow yourself to shine? Overcome your insecurity and open your voice. In 7 weeks we will work on freeing your voice and energetic throat centre. With medicine songs, mantra’s and soundhealing. 

"Your Voice is a powerful creator of your reality"

In the Space of Love

Huiskamer concert: In the Space of Love

A concert to warm your heart in these winter days.

Medicine Songs, Mantra’s and the songs that will shine on my album. 

Next date ??


"Let's come together"

Events coming up

21 January: Kiva Calling of the ancestors + Sacred Water Ceremony – Rotterdam

27-29 January: Soulsteps Festival Uffelte NL – Cacao Ceremony & Relax Concert

4 – 6 February: Healing Garden Winterdream, NL

14 February: Online Singing Course: Open your Voice & Sing ( 7 week online course)

19 March: Concert Lunteren NL

8 April: Wisdom of Water – Initiation Water Blessing 


"Water is the source of all Life"

Initiation Water Ceremony

The water is asking for your attention. An in-depth workshop on the profound effect of water blessing and your relationship with the water. Learn the Water Ritual and anchor yourself deeper into your feminine essence.

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"When Women join in circle, anything is possible"

Water Sisters United:

"Calling all women to Sing for the Water"

"Singing to your heart "

About Patricia Pattinama ~ Shabad Deep

Sacred Heart - New Album - Patricia Pattinama

Patricia Pattinama aka Shabad Deep is a lover of life, a mother, Water woman, musician, Womens empowerment coach, Sound Therapist and Ceremony leader. She shares her wisdom and knowledge through music, coaching, healing sessions, workshops and courses.

Shabad Deep is known for her gentle presence and an angelic, crystal clear voice, touching the heart and soul of her listeners. Inviting you into the space of love, to open up and heal.

Over a decade she has been studying with several masters of the ancient science of sound in Western, Yogic and Shamanic traditions. Growing up in a musical family the language of sound comes natural to her. Read more….

"Open your heart. Empower your Voice"

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