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Follow your heart
Speak your True Voice.

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"Water is Life"

11-Day Water Prayer

Stand with the Sacred Waters


From 11-22 September

11-Day Prayer Water Tour

“Stand with the Sacred Waters”


Leading up to the Fall Equinox, we will organize a new 11-day Prayer for the Sacred Waters.

This time a live 11-day Water Tour, with a video prayer everyday.

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"The Journey of the Heart "

In these times we are being asked to go deeper within...

…as we are learning to embrace the flow of our feminine side.

Surfing the waves of duality, shifting into unity.

I am here to support you and cheer you on……

…to follow your heart wildly and embrace your authentic low.

Encouraging you to Express your Voice and Live your Truth!


Inspiring you with music, sacred rituals, vocal practices and sound therapy.

We are all in this journey together, finding our peace in this journey from darkness to light.


Join our Sacred Mission:

To unite 1 million women to Sing for the Water

Sisters, The Water is calling us. Join our mission to create a TSUNAMI of PEACELet us remember the sacred qualities of WaterLet us bless the water & heal. 💦💗💦
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"We are the One Tribe"

Events Coming up:

"Your Voice is a powerful creator of your reality"

About Patricia Pattinama ~ Shabad Deep

Sacred Heart - New Album - Patricia Pattinama

Patricia Pattinama aka Shabad Deep is a lover of life, a mother, Water woman, musician, Womens empowerment coach, Sound Therapist and Ceremony leader. She shares her wisdom and knowledge through music, coaching, healing sessions, workshops and courses.

Shabad Deep is known for her gentle presence and an angelic, crystal clear voice, touching the heart and soul of her listeners. Inviting you into the space of love, to open up and heal.

Over a decade she has been studying with several masters of the ancient science of sound in Western, Yogic and Shamanic traditions. Growing up in a musical family the language of sound comes natural to her. Read more….

"Music is Medicine. Relax, heal and remember."

Music Video's

"Open your heart. Empower your Voice"

Mantra Music

Album Gratitude

Mantra’s are powerful things:
they awaken your consciousness and have the power to transform your life.

On this album:
Powerful mantra’s to relax, uplift and meditate.
Including Mool Mantra, Sat Siri Akal, Guru Ram Das

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