A Journey into Self Love and Self Expression

Diving deep into the practice of singing mantra’s.
A meditative and magical practice for self empowerment.
With practical tools and tips.

(Course in English and/or Dutch if necessary)


Listen to one of the mantra’s

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio…

I look forward to meeting and singing with you!


Singing mantra’s helps you to:

  • Get in Touch with Yourself

    Expand your self knowledge, intuition and confidence.

  • Overcome Foggyness

    Transform your foggy brain into a clear mind. Bringing focus.

  • Brings Inner Peace

    In terms of faith, acceptance and surrender .


Free yourself:

  • Unblock your Voice

    Sing freely. Open your throat, your centre of communication.

  • Be Real

    Express your true self.

  • Love More

    Open your heart and ability to love yourself and others.

Awaken your potential:

  • Grow your awareness

    Deepens your consciousness on many layers

  • Get on track of your life

    Align yourself to your destiny

Dates & Locations


*Dutch / English

31st of May – 19th of July

Course dates:
thursday June 7 / 14,
wednesday June 20 / 27 and July 4,
thursday July 12 and 19.

From 20.00 to 21.45 PM

Amsterdam Oud West

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What is mantra?


A free translation of the word mantra: “That which liberates us”
A mantra is a precise combination of ancient words,
the healing vibration is attained by repetition.


You’ll discover how mantra’s empower, relax, uplift and connect.
In an 8 week during course, you’ll investigate several mantra’s up close.

We’ll be working with the voice,
sound and the ancient liberating techniques of mantra.


Mantra’s work deep into your subconscious
and can bring about a deep transformation.

This course includes

– Teachings on the sacred science of sound.
– Meaning, pronunciation and effect.
– Breathing, voice techniques and posture.
– Developing a meditative practice without being silent.
– A Journey through the chakra’s.

– Your devotion to participate for your growth.
– Opening up to yourself.
– Transformation
– Sharing
– Warming ups
– 8 week singing intensive
– 1,5 hour plus
– Live mantra music
– Lyric sheets
– Facebook Group
– Singing in an intimate group setting
– Mantra homework
– A great start of your week
– Classes in English (Dutch translations possible)
– Complete course, no separate classes.

Everyone can Sing.
It’s a matter of alignment. You can do it too.

Your investment in yourself:

Series of 7 classes: 199 euro

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