Sing your heart’s song

A Musical Journey

Inner Peace,
Health and Relaxation


“Music is a gift.
To relax, to find peace, to heal
and to remember who we are. ”

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Music is powerful and transforming


Music and sound have been used as
a healing tool for centuries,
in all cultures. They help to:

  • Relax and release

    Less stress, deep sleep

  • Feel inspired & Positive

    Nourish your soul

  • Heal and rebalance

    Mind and body and emotions


Courses, Concerts, Workshops
and Healing Sounds


What other people say

“Your music guides me straight within so easily, where I find peace.”
~ Jyoti Verhoeff
(Singer Songwriter & Artist of life)
Akahi testimonial
“I feel your voice vibrating in every cell of my body, deep memories of enlightenment.”
(Pranic Breatharian School Int’l)
“She is unforgettable like a visit of an Angel.”
~ Katiza Satya
(Senior Yoga Teacher – Delight Yoga)

Shabad Deep (Patricia Pattinama) is known for her angelic and chrystal clear voice. With her gentle approach she leads people into a deep space of peace and relaxation, opening the heart and touching the soul of her listeners. As an expert at living from the heart, she shares her peaceful and authentic way of living through music and the ancient science of sound.

It's my joy to contribute to your peace.

“Relax and let me guide you into peace with
songs, sounds, mantra’s and chants.
May all beings live in peace.”

CD/MP3 Album

For relaxation or meditation.
Sacred chants to uplift the spirit.

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Online training coming soon!


Yes…we are working on an online course
with practical tools for you to work with in your daily life.
A training to help you balance the body, mind and the heart with music & sound.

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Angelic Voice Sound Session

Get moved into a deep relaxation listening to the sounds of Singing bowls, Chimes, Angelic Voice and the heart opening melodies of Shabad Deep.